Look! The First Website Producing STORIES Using Scale Models and Adobe Photoshop!

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    The website Models’ Story is the first website which produces a large number of realistic pictures to make completed stories using various scale models(mostly card model aircrafts) from history and Adobe Photoshop. The website was built up in Oct,2008 and has now more than 100 pictures, which are included in the stories “Attack on Pearl Harbor—Tora,tora,tora” and “Coral Sea Duel”. The website is trying her best to tell you different and attractive stories in the form of a new art. If you are interested in Photoshop skills, model building, military or history, the website, which is expecting your critisizm, would be worth visiting for you definitely.

    Homepage: www.modelsstory.com
    Picture1: http://www.modelsstory.com/warofmodels/toraen/fleeten.htm
    Picture2: http://www.modelsstory.com/warofmodels/toraen/back1en.htm
    Picture3: http://www.modelsstory.com/warofmodels/moen/tulagi2en.htm
    Picture4: http://www.modelsstory.com/warofmodels/moen/lex7en.htm
    Forum: http://www.modelsstory.com/forumen/

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