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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Catt, Mar 7, 2002.

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    Just to show you guys I'm a multi-talented kind of Catt heres a pic of a nonexistant locomotive that now exists:D


    I like thebig Dash 8/9 series of locos,but I prefer them with the Canadian 4 window cab.Now this one doesn't have one YET! but it will soon ( actually it won't this shell is just a holding fixture).

    The pedigree in A B K order

    1 ATLAS SD60M 3 window cab

    2 Bachmann Dash 8 40CW shell

    3 KATO C30-7 running gear

    Cab is shortened the thickness of the rearwall to make it the right length for the -8.Equipment doors are replaced with blank styrene.Bodyshell is not altered in anyway.

    The C 30-7 chassis needs mods to work in this shell.The 8-40C conversion needs no mods to the C-30 chassis.
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    Mar 5, 2001
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    I like it!
    I'm still working on my ED-65. It's an E-6's cab and rear. On an SD-50 chassis and center, giving veranda style sides. With a touch of grills off a V-1100 :confused: . Anyways I think it'll look sweet.:D
    Just have to decide on the roof layout, and paint scheme (know the colors, not where to put'em).
    Ain't Bash'n fun!:D
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    Here's nuther pic of the above unit.Really! only this time the cab is on it's intended bodyshell.:D Note the in process 3 to 4 window cab conversion.


    Final paint for this beastie will be GTW blue with white lettering.

    And YES!!,bash'n is a blast.:D
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    and a nuther pic.

    This one a sideview :D