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    My son today whats it like dad i know your always in pain and your hands are swollen and you cant hold things like others can but why dose it hurt me so much see you like this and you dont seem to mind or care ,and when you wake its always me and mummy you think of first how come your never get upset by it or moan or lose yourv temper your always looking after the young one who sufering with ms but whos looks after you apart from me and mummy and michelle whos had to go home i do wish i could understand more daddy as i love so very much im 14 soon and im grown up so please tell why your like you are.

    As you can see this is just 1 day in my life like so many other explaining to your kids can be hard i and elsa we have alway taken alvaro to all my docs rightfuly or wron hes never been left out of decions so im now trying to explain that life throws up challeges for us all mines being like this and in life wonderful ocean myson your dads a very rich man i have your mum and lots of friends and life not bad is it look at the news see the bad things then you might understand why daddys has no complaints not sure if he understand but i think lot more question to com lol joys of being a father.mike