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    G'Day from the great land Down Under!
    Are there any collectors of live steamers in Gauges 1 and O in this forum?
    In my collection there are quite a lot of live steamers in gauge 1 and O.They are of different manufacturers like Maerklin,Bing ,Bassett Lowke,Bowman etc.
    I am in the process of resurrecting a Maerklin Ivatt Atlantic in gauge 1.The missing parts are mainly the cab for which I have got the photos which have been transferred into a drawin from which I am making the cab at the moment.
    The problem is the burner.The loco had a evaporating spirit burner which reached into the recess inside the boiler.Have got a drawing from a book which a friend in Germany sent me.Unfortunately there are no measurements nor is there any other info about it.
    Any help or advice from anybody who shares my passion would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards from Down Under
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    Hi Deiter,

    Welcome to The Gauge "side" of the new forum!

    I have moved your question from the HO forum to the larger scale (G/O/S) forum. I am not sure we have too many live steamers here, but there is a great local club near where I live (index), and also a busy garden group too (OVGRS).

    I have heard that there is an HO scale live steamer available, but I don't know if anyone here has ever run one...!

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    Grab your 12inch angle grinder & make a small neat hole & insert an electric motor, :mrgreen:

    An evaporating spirit burner is easy to build, but can be a mongrel to get right
    Basically its a tank with a hollow tube on the base to hold a wick^, & another tube on top with a couple of rows of holes* for the evaporated metho to escape from & be burnt thereby heating the boiler.
    ^ the wick is only to help keep the metho flame from going out in a breeze.
    *this ca be the tricky part getting the spacing & the dia of the holes correct.
    Oh & silver solder the parts together!