Little bit of help with boolean in metasquoia

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  1. ok so i got a serial id and password put it in wich as i belive it gives you the full version yes or no any way i decide to test boolean out but it dose nothing i just get the same thing with any option any one know why or do i have to downlaod something else for it to work.
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    UPDATE: Silly me! I should have done a short forum search before I posted a reply. Anyway, there's a thread about this in the Tutorials section. Here's the link:


    There are three combo boxes in the boolean dialog box that you should look into.
    The leftmost combo box is operand "A", while the rightmost is operand "B". The middle combo box is the boolean operation.

    The Operand "A" and "B" combo boxes should contain a list of the objects you've already defined in Metasequoia.

    The operations in the operation combo box are as follows :
    1) "A + B" -- combine A and B into one object
    2) "A - B" -- subtract B from A
    3) "A ! B" -- Same as "A-B" but does not create a new set of faces in the removed area.
    4) "A & B" -- Get the intersection of A & B
    5) "A # B" -- Find out where B intersects A. (From testing, it seems to look like A + (A & B))
    6) "A % B" -- Replace A with B. (Doesn't seem to be much different from A # B though. But then again, I only tested it on two Sphere primitives... )
    7) "A * B" -- It kinda says, "Perform an interpolative duplication on A using B." I tried it but I don't quite get the results. :)
    8 ) "A : B" -- It also kinda says, "Reproduce the top of A using B." When I try this, META crashes. :D

    Anyway, I frequently use operations 1 to 4. I've yet to find a use for #5 and #6. And I don't understand how #7 and #8 works.

    There's also button on the upper left of the dialog box. Clicking that will allow you to manually input a more complex operation using the operands discussed above. (e.g. Obj1 + Obj2 - Obj4)

    Completing a boolean operation will produce a new object on the object list. The name of the new object will be the equation you used for the operation. For instance, if you did an "A - B" operation on objects, "Fuselage" and "Wing", the resulting object will have a name, "Fuselage-Wing".

    I hope that helps!

    - Eric