Lionel to consider terminating Chesterfield, Michigan manufacturing operations

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    This info my interest some of you that are into O gauge:

    Lionel to Consider Terminating Chesterfield, Michigan Manufacturing Operations

    CHESTERFIELD, MI -- January 17, 2001 --
    Lionel, L.L.C. announced today that it was considering terminating its Chesterfield, Michigan manufacturing operation.

    Richard N. Maddox, President and Chief Operating Officer of Lionel, L.L.C., said that the Company is considering, among other options, terminating its Chesterfield, Michigan manufacturing operation. The Company has entered into discussions with UAW Local 417 seeking mutually agreeable options, which would help reduce overhead and permit continued manufacturing in its Chesterfield facility. Lionel currently manufactures in Michigan, Korea and China.

    Maddox emphasized in employee meetings that no decision has yet been made and that no decision would be made until employee and Union suggestions were considered. In addition, Maddox stressed that regardless of the decision all scheduled shipments will continue throughout 2001 and beyond.


    This is the entire text of a press release issued by Lionel L.L.C. on January 17, 2001.

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