Lionel NYC Std O Caboose Rear Warning Light Not Blinking - Help a 3 yr. old Engineer!

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    Our three year-old was given a Lionel # 6-17606 NYC Std. O Caboose (this is the same as Lionel’s # 6-17607 Reading Caboose). It features an operating smokestack and a flashing warning light at the rear of the caboose.

    The cabin light and the smokestack operates without any problem; but, the red warning light (a small LED) does not flash or illuminate. However, the light will illuminate when I put it in contact with a 9v battery.

    The circuit board (Lionel # 6108205088) appears to be in working order and does not appear to be burned or shorted. But, there are two stumps where wires have been cut. A technician at Lionel was unsure if they were needed – Lionel does not have a wiring diagram for this model of caboose.

    If anyone has a Lionel # 6-17606 NYC or a # 6-17607 Reading caboose, would you please confirm the wiring for me?

    Thank you in advance for any advice and direction.

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