Life Like Proto 2000 GP 60

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    Apr 19, 2005
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    As's my un-technical review of the new Proto N Quality GP60.

    I purchased this in the EMD Demonstrator #7 scheme. Overall, I judge the quality of the paint job as excellent. The colors are clean and sharp, special attention was given to the smallest of details. For example, red highlights on several servicing areas, blackened grill work over the vents, a very small black band seperating the blue and white colors of the EMD scheme. The lettering is crisp enough to easily read. Even the windshield wipers or lightly painted silver on the windows.

    The engine itself runs well. Quiet, almost as quiet as any of the Kato's I run and more quietly than other Life Like's I run as well. It pulls without slippage or hesitation using a Tech4 MRC 280 powerpack. It runs smoothly in foward and reverse over my entire layout, including turnouts and minor grade changes. So far, it has not become uncoupled from any of my other Accu-mate or MicroTrain couplers...but I haven't tested each and every car yet. My only negative is the light they used inside the cab for directional and number board illumination. It is visible but rather dim and yellow, and puts out less light than any of my Atlas, Kato, InterMountain, or Bachmann diesels. It does not change light output based on power pack setting, but remains constant throughout. The rear lights are barely visible and very small, which may be proto-typical of the real diesel (I'm not sure yet and will need to do more research).

    Overall, compared to other diesels on my roster, I'm glad I bought it. It looks great, runs well and more quietly than the other Life Like engines I own that are not of the "Hobby Quality Proto N" line. Honestly, I have three Life Likes that run ok but run louder and not detailed as well as this one, and I wasn't sure what to expect from the Proto N line...but this GP60 looks great and runs well so far, changing my idea of the quality of Life Like's Proto line.

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