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    May 17, 2007
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    Hi guys!

    During a free paper model contest in the past somebody entered a free gundam model.

    It didn't win but it had a special honor award or something.

    can somebody name that gundam free model download and post the link? I've been searching for it for sometime but can't find it anymore...i think it was in the old borads.

    The Gundam i think is...blue and white or blue and gray. It seems to have a cape or something at it's left side.

    I'll try to look for the picture again.

    Edit: I found it!

    It won a Special Commendation and the entry is named GUNDUM.

    I still need the link though :oops:

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    It's not a cape, it's a funnel system, and the Gundam is named Hi-Nu :D