Lets see pics of your REAL car

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by AE86 Drifter, May 10, 2004.

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    Cool... thanks. My main idea is to get a 80's Nissan Skyline R32 J-Spec imported into colorado. I want a Beater... somethin that runs, but needs work. That way i can find one for about $15k. Then ill fix it up, all the way doing small tricks to increase HP. Then when i get more money eventually get CAI, Turbo, ect.
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    Re: Dont no how to post pix of my Real car.

    I love Mustangs :D

    If you ever what talk about Mustangs, PM me. I'd love to chat.

    That's why I like you so much, SpArKeY :wink:

    If you really want to go this route, let me know. We have a shop up in Denver, where you could work on stuff and what-not.
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    Re: Dont no how to post pix of my Real car.

    Im kinda "re-considering". The cost of the car is fine... a average of 15k. However, its about 7-10k to import it. So i eather have to find one already in states, or be SOL. And the way i was thinking of going is accually here in Springs... i dont like to go to denver much. Its called Joul. I forget the street its on. They have a R33, R34, and eather another R34 or they decided to get a R35. Then they have some older cars with flame thrower exhausts. Very nice shop! They also did a RB26Dett swap into a 240SX.
  4. I know there's a shop in CA, they carry all the imported cars. I was thinking about getting a real silvia, yes real RHD silvia. They had s13's and 180's for sale, and I know they had r32's and 33's not sure if they had any 34's, but this was about 7 or 8 months ago. I'll try and find you the link to there site. Oh yeah about the whole older mustang thing, I like the older ones too, but I love the 94-95, I liked the rounded body and I wanted a big ass 5.0
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    nice mustang jamie. i love the newer body style 5.0s. impressive numbers also. they are just a little slower stock than the much lighter fox 5.0s.
    i really wanted a mustang until i decided to fix up my monte carlo.

    a couple of my friends have fox bodies and i love to drive em. they are sticks also. is yours man.or auto.

    i found a 5.0 new body style for 3grand and i am still considering buying it and delaying the monte carlo project. but i almost have enough money to order all of my air suspension parts from suicidedoors. and then i could also have the 4 link and wheels if i dont get the mustang. i think i will end up getting one for a daily driver after the monte is built. either a mustang or a ls1 z28.

    nice ride!
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    Oh, talking about fixing up your monte carlo, hows that going?
    Have you started to work on it yet? Got any pictures of the progress? ect, ect.
  7. AE86 Drifter, My stang is a 5spd. The stangs are great. I've owned a couple of 4 bangers, and the mustang by far is the best. The ls1's and z28's are all right, but the only problem with the ls1 motors are, they are a bitch to work on. It takes about 6 hours to do spark plugs. My stang takes less than 30 mins. The mustang is so easy to work on and mod. The ls1's love nitrous, but you said you want it for a daily driver, not a race car. so I would say go with something thats easy to work on (musatng) and the stangs get a little bit better gas mi. If you ever need some idea's let me know. i do all the work myself. Later

    Ps, I kinda need some help with the R/c drift stuff. Pm me or IM me on aim. myNAMEisJAMIE86 pretty easy, huh
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    yeah but the ls1s are still faster and they are one hell of a motor. and laughin gas is no prob to be on a daily driver. But nothin sounds like a mustang! the 5.0 gts like yours run mid 14s stock and LS1 camaros run
    low 13s stock but i mean i would love to own either one and i am not tryin to knock on mustangs when i say they are slower.

    as far as the monte goes i am fixin to get some cheap tires for the wheels i got on it now(cragar street lites...just like weld wheels)
    its gonna be a lil pricey though cuz i got 265s in the back
    i spent too much money gettin ready for the tcs race and i had a couple of bills this week so within a week or two i will have the tweed, seats, and abs headliner. i just bought some fiberglass to patch the dash where it is cracked. i will post little by little as i progress. i am gonna make a photo album of the project so i can always remember what it took plus my friend josh just left for florida and i need his help to do it all. he will be back soon by time i got the stuff
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    Here is my Toyota Corolla S that my parents bought me. Along with my parents car with the hemi. Then if you look at the back of the pic, you can see our boat with the canopy to the left. Then there is the street I drift my car on. Well, here it is...

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    Sorry buddy but the 1500 aint a hemi.
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    blimey the first 5 pages in this thread are me me me cossie i hate scooby me me me me
    i thought i was driving into bagdad for a momment
    well heres my car
    and old nissan S12 silvia 1.8 turbo with a few mods
    about 250bhp at the wheels
    and no mr sierra cosworth i dont want you to post comment
    i love cossies also but dont want to fight about it
    sorry couldnt help that(nice touring car replica)
    i have 2 of these cars but the red one is off the road for a refit at the mo

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    dont bother me but if ur car has 250hp at the wheels wot power does it have at the flywheel and also where was the picture of the red silvia took
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    my baby


    my car
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    Re: my baby

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    Re: my baby

    its not working
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    my car

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    Lol... lemme help, first you cant just make a direct link to post your pics. You have to first host them somewhere else (RCDrifter, you REALLY should get the robust upload thinggY!). The easyest way is use Imageshack.US and it will give you a list of links to use. just copy the main pic URL (Should be something like imageshack.us/img/74/yourfile.jpg) and then use that in the [​IMG].

    BTW, forgot to say, i finally got my car, 00 Honda CR-V. Woot!
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    heres my real car. not as flashy as some but it is good enough for me
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    hope this works

    my car