Lets see pics of your REAL car

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by AE86 Drifter, May 10, 2004.

  1. chevy42083

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    Here is my pride and joy...
    1994 S-10
    Major mods are the LT1 V-8 and 700r4 tranny, but there is ALOT more done it it.

    My other car which was originaly bought for when my truck is being worked on, but i have come to like it more and more, and now want to build it up also. Right now it is completely original, except paint.
    1973 Datsun 240Z
  2. Onikyan

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    That's a sweet 240Z

    Not a truck fan, but the LT1 swap is cool.
  3. tc3_drifter

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    my dads 500bhp 440 ft tq sierra road legal cosworth,SCOOBY SLAYER, for the full spec go to www.cosworths4eva.tk
    sorry if da pics am a bit big
  4. mc68

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    i dont like ur car

    that car looks pretty gay, especially that queer colour :roll:
  5. tc3_drifter

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    well at least it aint as bad as a subaru
  6. two sheds

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    i do love a cossie.
  7. mc68

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    yeh, subaru's dont cheat worldwide with guard width...........
  8. tc3_drifter

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    at least cossie pistons dont start 2 melt at 8 p.s.i, i mean look at the stupid design of the subaru with the flat 4 engines the japs really fu**ed up on that 1
  9. mc68

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    yeh you seem to be making alot of sense there, jap didnt create the flat four...look at a beetle, and even those werent the first with a boxer...
  10. tc3_drifter

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    did i say japs created the flat 4 no i said the f*cked up puttin 1 of them pieces of crap in the engine bay, the subaru cuuld av bin a nice car if the hadnt have put 1 of dem enigne in
  11. jaxx

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    soon to get my moms volvo... its gonna be a sleeper... lol

    uped the boost on it, now at around 13 psi... 5 banger. k&n airfilter, exhaust soon to come, also ECU after that, then lower the boost again...

    im gonna look like a ricer on the street... then those fuxen civics wont know what hit them

    i really dont like that cossie... how much boost u runnin?

    i dont see why u would want to drive that on the street, its only a one seater... lol i wouldnt find my self dead in that thing, you'd look like a queer with all those big sponsor logos on the side...

    u got 1/4 mile times? and how much does that wiegh?
  12. AE86 Drifter

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    nice lt1 swap in the s dime. i am bout to drop one in my 86 monte carlo
  13. tc3_drifter

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    jaxx 1. it is runing 34p.s.i
    2. it is better than a volvo anyday it has blew away ferrari's, skylines, supras, radicals and shitty subarus
    3. it aint a 1 seater it is a 2 seater that picture is when we were building it now it has two seats.
    4. u av no ideas about car cuz if u knew anything u would no that it is a replica of an orignal of a 1988-1989 cosworth touring car which r better than the 1998-999 volvo touring cars

    so get your facts right before u start taking the piss cuz hey u drive a piece of sweedish shit :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. jaxx

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    dude, are u stupid? i mean god... i didnt say my car was sh!t, i didnt say that it would beat ur dads car...

    and i was stating facts about my, well, my soon to be car...

    i made a comment about the logos, i would never have logos or graphics on my car, its not my style, if you like it thats fine....

    i never took a negative stance to your car execpt the fact about the logos, i did make a mistake about the seats, but thats fine, you only had 1 in it at the time..

    i asked, 'how much boost u runnin?', 'u got 1/4 mile times?' and 'and how much does that wiegh?'

    and i quote u...'cuz hey u drive a piece of sweedish shit' <---i dont drive it, yet, atleast, and u said that car is your dads...

    come on, if your so ready to pounce on some1 because its not 'up to your cossie's standards' ....no scratch that, your dads cossie, and your so consernd about ur ego, so be it, your only compensating...

    i would guess that you are in the middle of middle school by the way you are acting, i mean, anyone that didnt feel insecure would be atleast at highschool...

    i commend you on running 34 psi, but thats the only way your gonna get to 500 bHp on a 4 banger,also, you must have really crappy tunin cuz you should beable to get to 600 on 34 psi... my friends runnin around 20 psi and hes got 375, at least.

    what ever. if you wanna be a jack a$$ thats fine, if you werent you would probly just laugh at my volvo and say somethin like 'dude... i hope you get a different car...soon' something like that, that would diffinately put your up higher on my list.

    and you know why the volvo touring cars got bad? and why the older cars were better? know why your replica would be better? because they had real engineers that were smart and innovative... then they were bought by ford, what do you think happend? they skimped out on the RWD, made less expensive parts, put no thought into design, and now look, volvo's new car has a ford chassis, now you have to get out 10 wrenches just to do a tune up, where it took only 2 before... ford got power hungry when they started their old design of thier f-150.

    sure sometimes domestics can be innovative, but they only innovate to charge more, sry i hate american cars...

    go ahead and compensiate friend.
  15. tc3_drifter

    tc3_drifter Guest

    hahahahahahahhaqh ur funny crappy tuning u no nuffin get ur fascts right fords r the most reliable cars and volvos have u seen the volvos new supercar ye it does 249mph but they have just ripped off the look of the lamborghini, ive seen a turbo on a volvo once and the compression housing just takes the piss of being small lol
  16. Ahhh this is the part I love... (And with that I do not mean telling someone the real facts, but seeing each others cars! you guys have some really great cars!)
    Your dad does have a great car. But there are some holes in your facts, that you seem to really like flashing around.

    First of all, the Cossie your dad has, is a Mk1 Sierra Cosworth, with the YBD engine, great engine! easily tunable, and is capable of over 500hp (You say your dads is road legal! God I would love to take on a few ricers in that one). But here is the flaw in your facts! the mk1 Sierra was only produced from 1982 to 1987 (not into 1988), when the Mk2 came out. And you might say! Thats only the normal Sierra's. Well no! Cosworth started to put the YBD in the new Mk2 at the same time, and the last produced Sierra Cosworth mk1 rolled out in '87, so your dads car can't possibly be a replica of an '88 to '89 Sierra Cosworth (they stopped using mk1 Sierra's as Touringcars when the first Mk2's came out!)

    And the Mk2 Sierra Cosworths are called the Sierra Sapphire 2WD and 4WD.

    You dad does drive a nice car! I wont argue that!, altho I would most likely choose the mk2 as my prefered platform, as the engines are exactly the same YBD units, so they fit both generations.

    Ohh almost forgot, here's my car:

    For more info go HERE
    (and TC3, before you ask, no this is not a Cosworth, it's the normal 2.0i, which you might know, has the engine that the Cosworth YBD was based on)
    All info is in Danish, so you might not be able to make out all of it...
  17. tc3_drifter

    tc3_drifter Guest

    i no the cars wernt made in 1988-1989 but the rs500's were raced in that time so that is wt i am on bout my dad basing it on them car in that period of time Group A racing regulations of that time allowed manufacturers to build an evolution model of a homologated car. The amount of evolution cars that had to be sold for public use was at least 10% of the overall model production which made 500. Because of this, Ford had already planned to put these 500 original Sierra Cosworths in storage when the RS Cosworth was in the planning stage.

    Produced by Tickford for Ford, the RS500 was to be entered into the Touring Car championship, the plan by Ford Motorsport was to go out and beat the Rover Vitesee that were dominating the series at the time.

    Modification were made to the standard spec RS Cosworth, that made the RS500 a nice road but would allow for a fabulous race car.

    The cd factor of the 500 made it a fraction slower than the standard RS Cosworth, this was due to the additional aerodynamic aids applied to the 500 (lower front bumper splitter, lower boot spoiler & gurney strip of the main rear spoiler) . All in all made the car much more stable at very high speeds (170mph +) need for the races.

    Stats :-

    Original cost : £19950
    produced: 1987
    Homologation : 1987 500 off
    Engine : 1993cc 16v Twin OHC Ford Cosworth YBD, Stronger cylinder block.
    Garrett T4 turbocharger.
    Larger intercooler.
    Second fuel injection rail (Extra 4 injectors were fitted, but weren't functioning in road trim). 8 in total.
    Power : 224bhp @ 6000rpm
    Modified rear suspension mounting points with alternative pick-up points for trailing arms.
    15 x 7 Alloy wheels
    Fog lamps removed & replace with brake cooling ducts.
    Revised Front bumper for better air flow into the engine bay.
    Finish :- (392) Black, (52) Diamond white & (56) Moonstone Blue. there u go most of the stuff i no bout cossies and the wheels on that saph
  18. SpArKeY_STi

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    Why do you all hate Scooby's? I mean, geez. What are all your guys 1/4 mile times?

    My cousin was running (sorry, its gona be my cousin because im only 14 and dont have a car but im going to be getting a Sub 2.5RS) consistant 13's. he had stage 3 turbo, ECU, and Exhaust. I think there was a few more things, but nothing else special. And his friends 2.5RS is running even faster. He got 3d place at a 1/4 race at Bandemere here in Colorado. He got 3ed due to a lack in paying attention and missed the start. His time was past 1. Sure it was to a Evo, but he smoked him before... there fore showing he has the better car.

    Ok, sorry about all that rambleing...

    But whats all your beefs with Scooby? You all Scrappy lovers? Been beat by them too often? What? I just dont see how you can hate them.

    Oh, and Porsche i believe that came with the Boxer first. Was in the VW38 i believe.
  19. Nice google'ing there... ;) (RSownersclub...)

    I just thought it was an ordinary Cosworth, because if anyone would make a replica of an RS500, they would say that is was one!
    And another reason I didnt notice it was an RS500, is because it doesnt have the front bumper underlip, that was given to the car to cope with the speeds of Group A racing.

    And you like to put on alittle extra on the results...
    The rsownersclub states 150mph+... The difference is quite big if you ask me, but with your 500hp it would be "doable" with the right gearing.

    Also to note is the Turbo info, yes some were produced with a T4, but some also sportet a T3, cos' the T4 gave too much turbolag compared to the already high ammount of lag from the T3 (which was the reason why the Escort Cosworths have T25's, that and also to make it alittle less aggressiv for normal traffic use)
  20. tc3_drifter

    tc3_drifter Guest

    i no they state 150mph but they were obdviously gonna do more than than anyway, there r front splitters on the front of my dads car now bcuz that pic is a bit old took at donington, i didnt google the rs owners club i am just waiting to become a member, my dads m8 has got the gearing on his car just right and has being able to get 207mph out of his sierra cosworth with just 510bhp but he is runnin a bit lighter than us bcuz he has quite alot of fibreglass on his like the bonnet, doors, spoiler which we have as well and his windows am perspecs for the and the way he did it was just thru the gearbox and diff

    and as for the 1/4 mile we do not know bcuz it is pointless doin them cuz they wreck your gearbox jerking them off the start line so fast in the past i av seen to gearboxes just break open and put pieces of gearbox everywhere and that was with a £3000 gearbox 6 spd as well

    and the reason i h8 scoobys is not bcuz they r faster cuz they aint it is bcuz at track days u get ppl in there 20's acting big in them tryin to catch up wiv da cossie and just cut em up round da corners and ive seen plenty of subarus crash bcuz of the dirty driving and anova reason is bcuz they r sooooo common bcuz round where i cum frm i see like 2 every 10 mins wiv grannys driving them so there is my reason 4 hatin em
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: for more info go to www.cosworths4eva.tk