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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by kchronister, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Hey all,

    Last chance to comment on the layout. Benchwork is under way and it will very shortly be too late to change...

    A few notations:

    1) room is approx. 20x30 (irregular)
    2) era is late 1940's, steam-to-early-diesel transition
    3) focus is on passenger operations at a notable size union station, but freight operations are also to be supported (just not the primary focus). This includes logging/mining on a branch line
    4) Living in a small town with limited other MRR'ers, I operate alone frequently. continuous-running is a given, as my normal operation is to set several trains in continuous motion on the mainline, then do my switching and other operations around them.
    5) All tracks are on the same deck. The logging/mining branch is shown separately for clarity.

    Track Plan is color-coded:

    Blue = mainline
    red = yards
    brown = sidings
    pink = hidden by scenery/staging
    green (shown on separate image) = logging/mining

    green lines are the edges of the benchwork, red lines are full-height walls. Any time you see track crossing a red line it is going through a wall into a hidden area.

    Thanks so much!

    Main tracks:


    PS - If anyone is interested (and please say so), I'll post pics of construction periodically.
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    I think we're all interested. Post pics when you can!
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    I'll second that, we all love pics here at the gauge! :thumb: