last update for the modelshippers Party 02 July ....

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    Hello all!

    Well the Festival of the Sea and hence our modelshippers Party is now nearly upon us!-- we have been busy reserving large amounts of meat, bread, glasses(!) and even Ice at various suppliers! --

    --hopefully we shall be blessed with weather similar to today( 30 dgrees C..(!)... even the Pool was up at 29 degrees C--tempting even the most reluctant modelshipper to dip a toe...??

    the Tents are up, chairs have been bought, signs have been made-- huge amount of candle lights, arc and floodlights have been rigged...

    If there is anyone who still need directions--let me know by e-mailing me at or PM me with your e-mail address-- I shall simply hit reply with a small map attached!
    same goes if you need some help wwith accomodation

    All are welcome!

    we shall be taking photos... for display at!
    previous update and info below


    JIM B

    hello all,

    the party that we are hosting on Saturday evening 02 July at my home twixt Southampton and Portsmouth( UK) is coming up fast...

    We have stocked up with many many crates of Beer/Wine/Juice etc etc
    The BBQ cooking lady and her assistant have been hired.

    My 'engineering' orientated friend's and I have contriving to provide a vast fabric roof over the entire garden, terrace and pool area-- British weather is not THAT predictable--in any case it will help keep the evening damp at bay....

    The band are bringing their own stage and Dance floor---modellers dancing---that will be a sight!!

    It has been suggested that I issue sticky nametag labels with our 'on-line' names--so that we may recognize each other..! any thoughts/comments welcome

    Approximately 170 or so people have confirmed-- mostly modelmakers as well as some of my marine industry colleagues-- its all boats and water anyway!!

    I have drawn up some directions ; these can be e-mailed to anyone who desires them, I will simply hit 'reply' to your e-mail

    The directions are in the form of a small attachment of about 40 kb-so ensure that the e-mail addy you are sending from can receive small attachments....

    I hope to see many of you there--looking forward to meeting you all



    in case you have no idea what I am rattling on about....

    here is the initial posting and invitation!!
    Hello all,

    here is a

    02 July 2005 I will be hosting the /Steel navy and friends party at my House near Southampton UK--

    It is a chance for us modelshipping nuts to get together and for you to pick holes in my models at close quarters!

    It is the Saturday evening of the International Festival of the Sea held at Portsmouth Dockyard--Food/ drink/ swiming pool/ live music and 150 plus friends and modellers! ----looks like a meat feast and non-pork BBQ , pasta etc as well as copious amounts of beer etc etc.

    It can be a 'family affair'--well behaved model aware (!) children are welocome with parents....

    So as to allow me and my organising team(Katrin!) get an idea of proposed amount of catering people to order I would like if possible an RSVP with an indication of persons in group.

    Please e-mail me at: or leave message on message board....

    Hopefully see you all(?) here!