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    My wife and I think they look great, if you want a few suggestions we came to when comparing yours to the real thing (and we are comparing these to Utah skies):

    The individual shapes you have are perfect, but when you see that many differing sizes it usually means the wind has broken them apart or there simply not many in the skies. Looking on the internet at pictures of clouds we reached the same conclusion, when there are large clouds they are bunched together instead of scattered, or when they are scattered in a calm sky they keep a more uniform size. I'm no weather man, so others may disagree, this is just what we noticed in passing.

    We also agree with others that they are too low to the ground. A way to hide that is to try and add some depth to them by shadowing the undersides of the clouds towards a center point at the base of the horizon, this will help to also show that you are looking up at them, instead of straight at them from a matching altitude. Again, this is after comparing what you have to pics we found posted on the internet. It is difficult to tell from photos, but you may have already done this.

    Most important of all, clouds NEVER look the same ever. So don't think what you have is wrong, because I don't think it is, I think they look great. If anything, I would suggest moving them higher up on the backdrop and then adding more haze down where the sky meets the horizon line. Congratulations, you have done a fine job, much better than anything I could have hoped to accomplish.:thumb: