Lassen Operation's Shay No. 4 (images 131k)

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    I thought I’d share this photo of Fruit Growers Supply Company - Lassen Operation’s (Susanville Operation after the 1944 purchase of Red River’s Westwood) No. 4, a 90-ton three truck shay locomotive, a former McCloud engine. I purchased the “Real Photo Post Card” on E-bay a few weeks ago from a person that listed it as taken by Robert P. Morris of Brooklyn, NY.

    In the auction listing there was no mention of the date of the photograph. When the photo arrived, I noticed penciled on the back a date of 21 August 1950, this being the day before a representative or representatives of either Baldwin or/and Westinghouse visited this operation for preparation work prior to an October trial of Baldwin/Westinghouse’s DS-4-4-750/1. The Baldwin/Westinghouse demo unit No. 750 was purchased by Weyerhaeuser Timber Company shortly after the FGS October demo, and became its No. 101.

    I would certainly enjoy finding out if Robert P Morris of Brooklyn, NY took the photo, as well as if he worked for either Baldwin or Westinghouse. For more information about the FGS 1950 demo, visit this page; - for a 1984 photo of Weyerhaeuser Timber Company’s No. 101 which was the Baldwin/Westinghouse demo loco No. 750, visit this address;

    Any information or comments would be welcome.

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