Lake`s House Refuge - by Papermau

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    This model was made when I was thinking in those Zombie Movies, like 28 DAYS LATER or WALKING DEAD,when the survivors reach an abandoned cabin and prepare a kind of bunker to protect then against the zombie invasion. You can see there`s a dog house: a dog always alert about zombies in all movies. In the house they got a good provision of water and a little canoe, In the case of the zombies invade the house.
    Watch out!!! The Z-Day is near!!! - Build your cabin and stay safety! - Mauther




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    Excellent once again. I was looking at some of your projects at another forum from long ago. I don't see them available on your blog. Is there an archive section that I haven't noticed?

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    That is just so beyond excellent. I like the Zombie story too! Mauther, you are a credit to this hobby, and lead by example!