L-Girder to Subroadbed Problem

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Shlitz, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Sep 6, 2004
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    I'm having a problem getting from completed benchwork to track laying phase. I have my L-girder tables built without joists at this point.

    Here are the questions I need answers to:

    1. Do I secure joists every 16" at this point or is this done on a custom basis for each track?

    2. Do I cover the entire layout with plywood, pre-lay track, cut subroadbed with jig saw and then attach cut pieces to risers?

    Any insight would be helpful as most websites do not mention any details on this step.

    My track plan can be viewed at http://trains.acsipc.com/third_layout.htm

    Thanks in advance...

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    Here is some pictures of some HO benchwork . There should be a zillion responses to this subject... What scale are you modeling? 16 on center sounds great but some of the hard to reach areas should be a little wider so you can get your torso through if need be.


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    Dec 12, 2003
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    The way I go about it is to cut the curves from plywood first . On my layout , nothing is less than 30" radius , so i cut a number of 30's and also 36's according to what I need . I clamp risers on the joists where needed and simply lay the plywood curves for a look see . It is trial and error but you should be pretty close the first time . I do a lot of clamping before I secure anything , incase I change my mind . I'm assuming you will have the track at different levels . If you have a flat section ( for a yard ) you don't need individual pieces of roadbed , just use flat plywood for that area .
    Use drywall screws to secure things as you go along . they are cheap and easy to remove if necessary .The joists you see in Philips picture can be loosely laid at first until your ideas are set . Then secure them . I use about 2 dozen clamps to get things layed out before I secure everything . There are many ways to go about this , mine is simply one of them.