Kyosho MP777 SP2

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    I have a Kyosho MP777 SP2 buggy, that is up for sale, has tons of upgrades, lot of Racers Edge parts on it..

    Shock Towers
    Toe blocks
    Lower A block
    Steering knuckles
    Rear squat plates
    Upgraded the to the new STR brake pads (semi metalic)
    With the blue Kyosho chassis braces
    Has Kfactory hinge pins
    Few sets of spare springs..
    Im sure i am forgeting something..

    Some spare parts as well, like arms, and radio trays, and center diff mounts, some new parts.. among other parts as well

    Comes with a few sets of tires, crimefighters, Panther K1's, Stingers (i think thats what they are called) and some other pins.. bout 3-4 sets of tires..

    Lookin to sell a roller, keepin electronics for new car.

    Yall know the car i got, and how i keep the car in shape.. always gone through, and replaced worn parts..

    I would like to keep the body, for my paint scheme, i think i can scrounge up a new body for it, or put an older beater body on it..

    If there is any interest in this, please contact me with offers.. makin room for a new season..

    email me offers to i can send pics.. easier that way.. car is in greats shape..

    Lookin for 300 shipped..
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    Or taking best offer..