kyosho FW-05T a good drifter?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by javlin42, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. javlin42

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    I jus bought a kyosho FW-05T nitro car and was wanting to make it a drifter. i was going to get an electric car because they are easier to work with but ive turned into a nitro fan. One main reason i bought the car other than any thing else they had there was the differentals the front is like a full posi track and the rear is a limited slip. Would this be worth turning into a drifter or could i even do it? :?:
  2. SpArKeY_STi

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    It can always be done. Front diffs usually arnt much help or hurtful for drifting. And most people just lock the rear diff anyway. But nitro's arnt fun when learning to drift. It'll be a long and complicated road, but it can be done with persistance.
  3. magnat

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    Electric FTW!

    Nitro's are Hard to drift with .. As it has been said, it can be done..
    See you can do nice and Tight Drifts with an Electric but it wont happen with a Nitro, they have too much Torque Steer and the Throttle is Hard to apply correctly..
  4. SpArKeY_STi

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    Umm, sorry to kind of derail the thread... but i have to ask.

    Mr Magnat - How much do you drift? What cars do you own? Do you accually drift a nitro? Im just wondering where your getting this information from. Its not wrong, its just misleading. Its like saying semi's cant race up pikes peak. But they do, it just takes a little more work then say a STi or Evo8.

    So let me just say, its not impossible to do tight drifts with nitro... it just takes the right equipment and lots of practice. Dont think you cant tandom drift wit an electric or something just cause its a little harder. Electric drifting is no brainer. I hate to say this, but no skill involved, at all. You just throw some PVC tires on, and go. Nitro you have to take precaustions and really know your car, then you can get good with it.
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    Yeah electrics are easier, but I've drifted my nitro CEN CT4-S and done some pretty tight drifts, just with taped tires lol. It wasn't too easy but it was easier than I thought. And it doesn't really matter if you drift electric or nitro, as long as you're drifting!