Kranich models any good?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by andrew ferguson, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. andrew ferguson

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    Jan 10, 2005
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    They're expensive but have some interesting subjects. Are the models any good to build or are they only worthwhile as collector items?
  2. bfam4t6

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    Jun 29, 2004
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    I have actually never heard of this company? Where can you find them? I would be interested in knowing the answer to this ferguson's answer also.
  3. Thomas Pleiner

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    Feb 7, 2004
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    Hello everybody,

    »Kranich« cardmodels were published between the mid 50ties and
    early 70ties by »Junge Welt« in the eastern part of Germany
    (former GDR). More than 100 different models are known.
    Most of the published cardmodels were aircraft of the Eastern Block,
    some vehicles and a few ships. Lot of the aircraft models had been
    printed on aluminium-laminated cardboard.
    Earlier issues suffer from poor card-quality.
    The quality of the designs may be called average.
    Some models my be pointed out, because these had only been published
    as »Kranich«-model: Tupolew Tu-114, Tupolew Tu-144
    (the russian »Concorde«), Baade-152, Iljushin Il-62 to name a few.
    Aircraft appear in two basic scales: 1/50 and 1/100

    As these models werde out of print for three decades, they had become
    quite rare. Sometimes they receive high bids on internet auctions.
    »Kranich«-Models are better to collect than to build - in my opinion.

    Some of the models were re-printed - having received a complete digitally
    rework. But these you cannot call original »Kranich«-models.
    In Europe sometimes illegal color-copies of these models are offered on Ebay,
    it's recommended to ignore such offers - you'll waste your money.

    You may also check on german cardmodel forums if there is a complete
    list of all published Kranich-models availabe. Personally I have one - hidden
    deep in the cellar . . .

    If anyone wants to get information about a certain Kranich-Model - feel
    free to ask.

    Best regards