KotOR ships?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Millenniumfalsehood, Apr 12, 2008.

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    if you are so apathetic to piracy and feel fine sharing and not expecting anything in return, then why not release the .pdo? it seems like you are taking measures against something that you really don't have to. If people wanted to use less pages or if they wanted to scale the model up or down then they could do, but if someone is going to pass it off as their own or sell it then they are as likely to do it with the pdf as the pdo anyway..
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    Dec 6, 2008
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    I don't believe you understood my point at all. I said that I think DRM and piracy is going to happen regardless of how much control someone wants. I will not however be party to it myself.

    A PDO by its very nature contains a model and texture that I have no legal right to distribute. Even the texture is owned by Lucasarts/Obsidian, I only use parts of it so my work is a derivation. The PDF does not contain any data (arguably) that I don't have some lawful protection to use and I have to rely on what's termed 'fair-use' to ensure that I don't get held legally liable.

    If you really wish to scale the model up or down or change the layout then feel free to run it through pepakura yourself. I'm sure you'll find that you have far more control over what you get.
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    Its not that hard to make those changes in other programs using the PDF, like Photoshop or Gimp. Thats how I always do it.
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    " Sorry to bump a thread that's been here for a while but can I just say I am laughing to myself at the minute. :)

    I wanted a model of the Hawk when the game came out and periodically, when I could remember, I googled and scoured modding forums to see if anyone had ripped the model from the game. I'd almost forgotten about it but for a chance thread posted on 4chan's /po/. Someone managed to rip the model and as soon as it was in a blender-compatible format, I sank my teeth in. Having waited so long I must say: It never rains but it pours. (The reason for my state of humour). :grin:"

    My congrats to you Martinus !!! You beat me to it. Your model is completed earlier than mine. Therefore, I will let my Ebon Hawk rest in pieces ! :p (But I do admit that the way I broke the model apart is somewhat similar with yours in some areas though!)

    Your hesitation on releasing the PDO file in understandable. Basically a PDO file is very similar with any other 3D files. There is even a model converter that can convert a PDO back to other 3D formats.

    I did the same when someone from the forum requested the 3D model for some purpose! I dare not give it out for the same reason, i.e. because it is legally not mine...

    Again, congratulations to you on your time and effort. Alas,the burden is no longer on me :wave:

    Any other KOTOR ships after this?


    (Anonymous? I might be!!!)