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    I need to "thin the herd." I am less interested in the money than I am in getting these kits into the hands of people who might actually build them. I never will. (My remaining stack of kits is at least as high.)

    A lot of these kits are out of print.

    Make me an offer, any offer. The more you buy, the more generous I'll be.

    Shipping will be at cost.The list is below. PM me if you see anything you'd like. I have vacuformed canopies (Gomix) from some of the aircraft.

    If you have an unbuilt copy of GPM's F4 Phantom in Navy colors (not the "MiG Killer"), I will consider a very generous (on my part) trade.
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    You need to upload the picture to this forum as people who are not members of P.M. cannot see it, nor can people who we booted out for absolutely no reason, such as myself. Upload the actual picture here. We allow 10 pics per post. I'll make it a "Sticky" for a while, to help you off them. :)