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    Namaste all.

    Even though this is a paper model, I thought I would share this kitbash with you BSG fans.
    It's a ship in my Battlestar Olympia fan-fiction.

    The Olympia Survivor Fleet, after traveling for a little over 1 yahren, come upon the blasted remains of the Battlestar Pegasus. Scans show minimal energy readings and intermittent life scans.

    The Fleet finds that most of the crew is missing except for about 75 people. All crew. Cain is dead. Colonel Tolan is in command.
    They have been barely surviving for the past 3 months. Cain died from injuries, shortly after ordering his ship to lightspeed, caused during the massive attack by him destroying two Basestars.

    The Olympia Fleet bring the survivors aboard the Olympia for medical attention and proceed to see what can be done about the destroyed battlestar.
    After much scanning and research it shows the only real option is to salvage what can be used from the Pegasus and scrap the rest.

    During the salvage process it is found that they can repair one of the flight pods using parts from the other pod and additional parts within the massive ship herself. To make it worthwhile it needed to be able to move.
    Some of the engineers on board the Olympia as well as other ships within her Fleet--especially the Ilmasepp--felt they could scavenge parts from all over the 125 ship fleet for the engines.

    Once the flight pod was completed the surviving crew of the Pegasus wanted--and were given permission--to honor the ship and her fallen commander so they painted the 'II' and christened her.

    Colonel Tolan was given command of her, and the few remaining Vipers that were left aboard the Pegasus were transferred to the Pegasus II and became known as "Cain Squadron" (Obviously additional Vipers were transferred and a few built from scavenged parts to make a full flight).

    Now for the pictures:
    New Pegasus
    Front Engine
    Aft Beauty
    Engine Beauty
    Bow Beauty
    Bow Beauty 2
    Upper Aft
    Upper Bow
    Another Beauty

    I have had this design in my head for a few years. I found I was able to accomplish the design I wanted after building Gearz' kit, as well as finding other paper kits that seemed to work with the design.
    Most of it is modifications are from the beautiful Gearz Battlestar kit.
    I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

    Cheers aussie