Kellogg's South African Plant

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    :wave:Hi All

    My Name is Ulrech and I am a card modeler from South Africa.
    I have recently been commisioned by Kellogg's South Africa to build them a model of what the new plant will look like once construction is finished.
    I only have a 3D model to work from so I am building to what I call the
    "eye balling" technique.This means I am looking at the picture and then have to work out from scratch how big or small pieces must be and then cut and build.
    The photos is of the main production plant and the warehouse.
    I have used 2mm poster board for the walls and 1mm poster board for the roof linings. the roof is then covered with corrugated board and the whole thong is hand painted with a matt white.
    The collumns is normal 120gm's cardstock that have been cut and painted dark grey and then added to the walls.
    There is still a lot of touch-up work and detail to be done , but will be done once it is mounted. I will post more photos on Monday.

    Please any advice and or comments is welcome

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    Looking good, all I can add is welcome to Zealot from a fellow South African :)