Just to Say HI Guys!!!!!

Discussion in 'South and Central America' started by gera, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Jun 4, 2004
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    Hi Guys:

    This afternoon I was thinking of all of you and Cardmodels. net so I thought to drop over and take a look around.
    Congratulations!!!!!! the forum sure looks great and busy, busy, busy!!!!!...how happy that makes me. The last time I came around was about a year ago, I think, and even thought I am not making any card models at the moment my "stash" is there waiting for my fingers to get itchy for card models again...:)

    I am still working, but I defenitly hope to retire next year, in the mean time I have been trying to "bring back Solid Wood Models"......hard chore guys, the plastic "look-a-likes" are king of the hill!!!!!!.....but no matter I will keep trying to bring back some lost souls and to get some new recruits!!!!......Was just looking at some of the work here...........Beautifull....

    Take care all.........and keep cutting and shaping that paper.