Just got my first RC Drifter

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Nomuken, Sep 15, 2005.

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    I just wanted to say Gday as I am new to this site and I also wanted to say that I just bought my first RC Drift car. I have owned several real imports and most of them have been built with a Drift theme in mind. I am currently looking at buying a J-Spec S15 Silvia for my daily driver which should be fun. Anyway I have ordered a HPI Stage D Sprint 2 (which includes a 20T motor), Spektrum DX3 radio, LRP AI Bullet Reverse Digital ESC and two Fusion club packs. What do you think about my choices, will these be good for Drift? I will post up some pictures when it all gets here ;)
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    Also what are all your thoughts on the LRP AI Bullet ESC? It took me ages to decide what ESC to get but I went with this one because of its no motor limit and really low price. I like the idea of it being fully automatic too. I just don't know much about the AI's and what the disadvantages are. Here are some details.



    No motor turn limit

    Handles 4-7 cell battery packs, 4.8V-8.4V

    AI (Artificial Intelligence)-no manual user setup required just pull throttle on transmitter to set up

    Digital interference protection circuitry guards against radio interference, empty transmitter batttery or model outside of radio range-model stops instead of continuing uncontrolled

    Motor and battery connectors installed-no soldering needed


    One Associated AI Bullet Reverse Electronic Speed Control with motor capacitors, tie-wraps, mounting tape, user guide and color sticker set


    Installing on vehicle and connecting battery and motor


    Length: 1.7" (42.5mm)
    Width: 1.7" (42.5mm)
    Weight: 1.8oz (51.0g) excluding wires
    Voltage: 4.8v-8.4V, 4-7 cells
    Typical Voltage Drop @20A: 0.048V
    Rated Current: 225A
    Motor Turn Limit: None
    BEC: 5.0V
    High Frequency: Yes
    Fail Safe System: Yes
    Multi-Protection System: Yes
    Connectors: Standard Tamiya style
    Setup: Automatic
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    Is this a forum or a ghost town?

    No one has been on here for days and no one seems to want to talk about Drifting R/C cars :(