just got a new r/c

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by catch_my_drift, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. i just got a great deal from tower hobbies....155 for a tl-01 with everything.. all i need to do is hook up things..im just waitin for it to come in the mail.....ill add pics when its fixed
  2. driftsleeper

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    yeah yeah...TL01 represent, bro. what body shell did you get?
  3. i got the toyota aristo...its also known as the lexus gs400....its tight
  4. Nick S.

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    150$ rtr?
  5. its not rtr...but for everything i spent 155...they gave me 20 $ off...all i have to do is put it togeterand paint the body
  6. Anonymous

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    Ooh, what a savings, a TL-01 chassis is only $100. But I got my TL-01 on ebay for only $76 with everything.

    2 batteries
    BMW m3 gt body
    All for just $76
  7. sweet! i would of gotten one on e-bay but i couldnt find anything.they had tt-01's but they were expenisve