Jon Leslie's Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Museum

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    Hello to All,

    The most wonderful collection of FREE Real Space card models (and Sci-Fi) on the internet is Jon Leslie's Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Museum Collection at:

    Just click on Models For Download.

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    May 1, 2009
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    Seconded - just surf by for a visit and you'll see why!

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    [Quote ] from maiko shark:

    The Lower Hudson Valley
    Paper Model Giftshop

    Welcome to our paper model giftshop.
    We have a variety of FREE paper models for every ability level.

    Browse our site and find a paper model that appeals to the kid in you. Download the model, print it from your printer, and
    let the fun begin!

    Announcement: As a special thank you for a donation to the center, We are pleased to offer the Robot B9 from 'Lost in Space', Now in Color, over 9" tall, and expecially designed to fit as a cover over a mini-remote control car so you can now have a R/C Robot B9!

    The model will be emailed as a PDF file to all who make a donation.

    I consider the above page which you have just published a link to a solicitation. To should understand that a model design that is offered free only to those who "donate" more than $6 is not really being given, it is being sold. A close call perhaps but that's the way I see it. -Rick
    Maico Shark is offline Report Post



    a look closer would show that I give away for free over 100 models, most of which are exclusive high end models and classroom lessons, and as a thank you to those who donate to a non-profit charity dedicated to teaching children about the space program I reserve one and only one model as a special thank you. Your mentioning something about $6 as being significant is also an indication that you are mis-understanding the mission of the LHVCC egiftshop as $6 is not a minimum to any of the offerings at the egiftshop. It is quite clear that you do not understand the nature of the Egiftshop.

    The name the Egiftshop is actually an inside joke at the Center. The center wanted a giftshop both in the center and online, but doesn't have the manpower or capital to fund such a venture. As a member of the board of directors of the Non-profit I came up with the idea of a giftshop that had zero inventory, and required zero manpower hours to "ship", "stock, and "inventory" our "products". I jokingly called it the Egiftshop, and figured it would also have the benefit of zero unsatisfied customer and returns as everything cost, well, zero. The name Egiftshop stuck.

    - JL
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    To Jon Leslie: many thanks for your incredible site!!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

    One of my favourite surfing (and downloading) location on the Web; to anybody else here, as proposed by Retired-for-Now, just have a look, and prepare to be stucked to your screen :eek::-ojawdrop

    To SAustin: thanks for posting this link:wave:
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    Downloaded many great models from this site. Thanks!