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    Hello Everyone, I am into Ho model trains, mostly steam to diesel transition era, but enjoy it all. I love all passenger equipment and one day hope to have each major rr premium passenger train. I already have a slew of PRR, Erie, E/L, B&O, NYC, N&W, UP, SanteFe, passenger trains plus freight trains with steam & diesel power.
    I am converting my garage for a triple deck around the walls type layout. I enjoy building rolling stock kits, modifying locomotives, & scratchbuilding buildings & handlaying track & turnouts using Fast Track Jigs & tools. I use #8 jigs for all turnouts as I love my passenger equipment, also use 48" curves. I use homosote for my roadbed on top of 1/2" plywood.
    I also plan on using Digitrax Digital Command Control to include signaling and computer control. I have many BLI loco's and some MTH all with sound decoders. I have a group of blue box Athearn that I have been converting the motors and wiring to prepare for Tsunami Sound Decoders. I have been also modifying my Bowser Loco's with can motors and plan on Tsunami for all of them also.
    I also enjoy rebuilding my sons 1947 CJ2 Jeep, almost ready for paint. Used to race 240z cars and build engines. I also used to enjoy flying, but now just mostly enjoy model trains, playing blues guitar, and swimming in the back yard. Of course, love my four doggies, one of which we rescued from Afghanistan while son was in the infantry there, best dog ever!!
    Well, probably bored everyone to sleep!! Thanks for letting me become a member of the site, I am sure I will learn plenty from everyone.
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    Very interesting story, I hope your son is safe and sound. :welcome1: to the forum.