Jet-X engine equivilant?

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    Back in my miss-spent youth, I built a number of paper/balsa planes and spaceships that were powered by the smallest Jet-X engine. (Jet-X 50-B, perhaps?) They were tricky, and required careful fire-proofing around the engine itself, but they could give amazing flights.

    Like so many things from those days, it seems that Jet-X has gone the way of the brontasaurus. Does anyone know of a currently made solid-fuel jet engine that would be more or less equivilent to the old Jet-X series? I have a couple of designs for sci-fi card models that could easily be converted if only such an engine could be found.

    Any information about a home-built Jet-X type engine and fuel pellet would be welcome as well...

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is also something called Rapier Motors which is a small solid propellant motor that does not require a fuse to light. A lot of modellers have converted some Jetex powered models to use Rapier motors. The bad news is that there are no new motors available right now. They were being manufactured in the Czech Republic.

    However the latest word is that the man who was responsible for manufacturing the motors has supposedly found another way to manufacture them but no word on when the new motors will be available again. The problem was that the Czech Government recently classified the motors as fireworks/explosive which complicated the ability to ship the motors to other countries.

    One good site that talks about the rapier motors and even has some free plans available for download is
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    Hi Nightshade,

    Yes, there is a similar engine. Hard to find in the US.

    Rapier Engines are made in the Czech Republic.

    Sams in the UK carries them from time to time, they are single use like the Estes Rocket engines. scroll down the page until you see the rapiers.

    Hope this helps.

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    Mr. Bauer, you are probably the most knowledgeable Rocket person I know. Great to see you posting here. Please, please post any projects you are working on. They don't have to be paper either. Thanks!!