Jeff Sisson's passing

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    May 22, 2006
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    I just got word from Doug Walter, a close friend of Jeff Sissons, that
    Jeff passed away last Thursday, January 11. Jeff was from the UK, and
    was a constant supporter of, and contributor to the "Cardmodelers
    Online" e-zine during its 2-year existence. His latest project was the
    Wrebbit Mercedes, which appeared in the last two issues of the e-zine.
    Jeff was an incredibly skilled modeler, and generous beyond compare --
    in his time, his support for the e-zine, and in his willingness to
    contribute financially to support continuation of the Cardmodelers site
    when it ran into a potential funding problem. I knew Jeff as a lively,
    enjoyable contributer, a real pleasure to work with; and I am
    heartbroken to hear of his passing. Please give his memory some serious
    thought and prayer in the days to come. Our community has lost a valued