Jaybats Omega destroyer

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    Hi all
    I have been visiting this site for some time now and have downloaded a thew paper models from the net. So now i have started building!
    I useally building model boats from balsa.

    My first was a bulkfreighter from star wars and that was very easy.
    Then i built a small cottage house (the daughter said i had too!)
    Then i built 2 home world ships. The kushan supportfrigate and the kushan ionfrigate. Little bit harder but still no problems.
    Now i have just about finished the Omega destroyer by jaybats (Brill site you have jaybats) but now i am stuck.
    I have everything done exept the 4 engines. I just cannot get them right. I have made 8 so far but am unable to get the taper correct.
    Does anyone know if there another version of the engine out there or some were i can read an instruction to get this right.

    Hope someone can help
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    First, welcome!

    I haven't built the destroyer myself, but I know a few folks here have. If you could post a few pics of the area that might help. :mrgreen:
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