It's the shortest day. Have a cup

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by davidstrains, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. davidstrains

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    Aug 29, 2002
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    Got a fire going in the woodstove and coffee brewed. Hot water for tea in the teapot. OJ in the fridge. The wife made a batch of blueberry muffins this morning and I picked up a bunch of donuts also.

    Tom - take a couple pictures of your car projects :) :)

    Rich - Good luck on the postal catch. Could get touchy if you miss :eek: :eek: :D

    AC- we like snow for Christmas also. Your cold weather hit us - balmy high 50's yesterday - 20's today. Bring some of your goodies by ;) :) :)

    bywater- don't party too much :D :) :)

    Pete - the diorama looks great. I hadn't seen it in that setting before. Neat way to display your favorites. :) :)

    Have a good day :)
  2. aartwmich

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    Nov 30, 2002
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    Yaawwwnnnns..stretches!!! It's 8:51 am and I'm NOT at work!! Blessed sleeping in(I'm usually at work by 6). Aaahhhh coffee and cigarettes, breakfast of Got a cinnamon raisin roll waiting for me out there..reward for the non-railroad chores for today. Gotta finish up the xmas stuff before playing with trains. The dogs ate the candy canes in the xmas train under the tree while I was sleeping on the couch last night, took em a week to figure that

    AC..where are you in S Mich? I'm west of Kazoo. We got all that rain for days then yesterday the temp dropped and it was blizzardly out there but we only got a few inches of snow. The wind is still blowing like the bejabbers.

    Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!!
  3. Drew1125

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    Jan 28, 2001
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    Morning everybody!
    Yeah, coffee sounds good...habg on while I get me a cup...ahhh, there we go!
    Well, it's a bright sunny day in the Bluegrass...kinda chilly, but it sure beats that rain, rain, rain, rain, rain! 4" to be exact...Yuck!
    Got the day off today!:D :cool: :cool: :D
    Got a few "honey-do's" to take care of, & then I think I can get down to some railroading! :D

    Have a great day everyone! :)
  4. acshrpe

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    Oct 16, 2002
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    Morning all. Thanks for the coffee, I'll take mine black. I've got the Christmas cookies, magic cookie bars and Scotcharoos. Dig in there is plenty.

    It's 28 with wind feels like 18 and a light snow. More snow-more snow- I want a white Christmas, just like the one I remember as a kid.

    Davidstrains - I live south of Hillsdale. How hard did you get hit by the snow? We have just enought to make the ground look white, but you can still see the green of the grass.

    Can't stay long - got to finish the shopping and then its back to making more goodies :D

    All of you be safe and will stop in tomorrow with more food!
  5. Clerk

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    Ahhh. This first cup of coffee sure hits the spot. Good morning all.
    Rail of and on with heavy downpours all day yesterday.

    40 F this morning and predicted more rain. We are making up for the little rain we had the last couple of years.

    8 AM and just poured the second cup of coffee and nibbling on Swedish sprits cookies the wife made the other day. Those cookies are like eating peanuts. Once started, can't stop
  6. sumpter250

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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Alright, alright, it is afternoon, but mornin' for me! Was out bein' a social critter last night, and I do like sleepin' in. Where's the coffee!
    As a kid, the tree didn't go up till Christmas eve, after we were all in bed. We were all allowed to sneak down early, and raid the stockings for whatever was there, the presents under the tree waited until everyone was up, and(had their coffee) had breakfast. My X's family put the tree up much earlier, and, where my oldest was born on Dec.13, we started putting the tree up on her birthday. Now, I've sorta settled on the weekend before, to put up the tree,'s tree time!
    I'm going to have to use a giant redwood this year, my graddaughter's gift won't fit under anything less.
    Had a dusting of snow last night, streets and sidewalks are still clear.
    Well, I'm off to read what's out here, and then to decorating.