Its That Time Again!

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    Yep..Its time again to start asking for your articles, pics and "How To's"

    The fall issue of the Gauge E-Mag will be coming out the first week of October, if this last server move didn't screw things up.

    Sooo......September 15th is the deadline(No railroad pun intended), or a couple of days after, to get those articles, product reviews, railfan trips and hot spots to me, or you can send them to NGauger if you wish(But why?...he just sends them to me anyway)

    Don't worry if you can't write. I'll fix it, fluff it and check spelling.
    So..Lets get going. Make this the best issue ever!

    And as always...everyone gets in.

    Any questions, concerns, or suggestions for articles, you can PM me or NGauger.
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    The Next Issue Of The Gauge E-Mag is going
    to the publisher's desk N O W!!!!!!

    Now is the time for anyone with any suggestions for any input (Threads on The Gauge, any Pictures, any cartoons... any letters to the Editor to be submitted!!(Yes, Eightyeightfan1 Loves Your letters!!!) Anything you think that should be spotlighted or highlighted for the other railroaders here!!!

    Please do not wait! "Now" means NOW!!!! :D :D :D :D

    The next issue date is Oct 1, 2008 (Only a few short weeks away!!! :D :D

    PM Me or Ed by clicking our names.....
    N Gauger ........ eightyeightfan1