Is this a good buy?

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  1. Hello!

    Last week I went to a (one of the very few) hobby shop here in my city (Bogotá) to buy a paper model which I was dying to built for years.

    It has been like 15 years since I last built a paper airplane, and I was eager to re-start the hobby.

    While talking to the owner, he offered me a bunch of models. It is a collection of 12 still sealed Modelart airplane paper kits. He bought the models for personal interest some 5 years ago, but never built them.

    The kits are presented in a magazine format. They are at 1:32 scale.

    Following are photos of one of those magazines (pictures are not mine, I just found them and I include them here for explanation).

    He said that he would sell each kit at 20,000 Colombian pesos (which is about U$11 each), but he also said that he would only sell the complete collection edited by this company, which are 12 models (including a Junkers, a Messerschmitt, a Flying Pancake, an F15, and some others I don't remember at the moment). That would amount to about U$130 for the twelve models.

    Actually I'm only interested in one or two of the models. However after a little research I found that Modelart produces very good models. And after reading some posts, and viewing several builts of Modelart planes I started to feel the temptation. ;)

    As I told above, I have not been in the modeling hobby for several years, and I know almost nothing about prices and this kind of deals.

    So my questions for you are:

    Do you think that the quoted price is fair?
    Is that a good buy?

    I don't have the U$130 to buy the whole 12 sealed models, and I probably won't since I'm only interested in the F15 and the Messerschmitt. However I though of buying it, keep those two models for me, and sell the other 10 models. But problem is that here in Colombia modelism in general is a rare thing still, and serious paper modelism in particular is a truly unknown activity; so I would have almost no buyers for those models.

    Another thing that really has prevented me from any further thoughts is that after a little research in the internet for references, and according to some forums, looks like the editorial company ("Colecciona Editores" from Spain) that edited this collection is not-so-legal, and this can be a case of a pirate company.

    In the end I bought a 1:33 Douglas DC-3... of which I will surely talk to you later because it may deserve another thread of its own.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your opinions on this :)
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    If he don't want to sell them it's his problem, not yours - there are so many models available for free on the internet that I'd pass on that one.

    If you really want one or two of the models go there again, ask to buy those models only, and if he says no then say calmly "then I'll have to print these free models from the net then. Thank you" and turn to the exit, stopping there looking at some hobby stuff - for a several seconds. If he won't say "okay then" then it's lost case.

    EDIT: It appears that you might have shown that you're anxious to buy those models so he might wanted to take advantage of that. Next time try be calm and indifferent when you buy things you badly want :D