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    Feb 10, 2004
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    If you are in the Southern California area quite a few paper modelers will be showing models at the IPMS OrangeCon on October 16th. We expect to have all of the members of the SCPMC in attendance and we would love to see other paper modelers at the show.

    IPMS Orange Con is the largest IPMS group in Southern California and several hundred outstanding models will be on display and there will be a very large vender room. The Competition is not just for plastics IPMS OrangeCon will have a category for paper models. Because The IPMS Orange County group is hosting the IPMS National show in 2007 I would expect that members from IPMS/USA will be in attendance. This is an opportunity to show the IPMS/USA the quality of good paper models.

    Drop me a note off list if you will be coming to the show perhaps we could get together as a group and talk paper models.

    Jim Nunn