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    I received my IPMS-USA Journal today showing the National's winners. The following are the winners in the paper model category.
    First place went to my good modeling friend David T. Okamura with Ralph Correls R-100 airship.
    David also receved the Best Paper Model.

    Second place went to Bill Devins with Wilhelmshaven’s1:200 scale F5F-8 Cougar

    Third place went to Bruce Jamieson with 1:33 scale 727 in PSA livery
    This particular model was published in the 70’s and was available from PMI I believe the model is out of print and no longer available.

    There were several other paper models on display and all of them were deserving of awards. What is impressive is that the models were judged by the same judges who were judging plastic models. Guide lines for judging paper models were basically the same as for plastic with the exception of the finish because our models printed with the final finish. Personally I would rather have a paper modeler judging paper models. A member of our list was supposed to assist the judging but for reasons I am not aware of this did not happen.

    As for myself I got to the nationals to late to enter my models but I was able to display them on the final day.

    Jim Nunn

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    Very cool! Thanks for letting us know about this :)