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    Hey, all I'm part of Duneland IMPS (though I'm the only one who thinks the "P" stands for "Paper") in NW Indiana. We are having a model contest the first weekend in May (6th) ath the Willowcreek Middle School in Portage, IN.
    It's about 45 miles SE of Chicago, if anyone wants to come (and make sure I'm not the only paper modeler there).

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    Good luck with the competition. I know how it feels to be the only one showing paper models at IPMS events. I've been a member of the Albuquerque scale modelers since 2002 and so far none of them have come over to the paper side. Perhaps after they see a few more paper models at Chile Con they will change their minds.

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    Mar 17, 2004
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    I wish you the best of luck, too. To my knowledge, the "P" in IPMS *does* stand for "Paper." Maybe if enough of us enter contests, one day they'll have to change the name of the organization to IP&PMS....

    I've entered card models at IPMS contests before and done well, competitively. Then again, my category, "real space," isn't too heavily represented by plastic models. Still, it's nice to show up with a bunch of card models see the looks they get.