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    Just an introduction and explaination of my interest in this site.

    My Name is Stephen and I live in rural south central Kentucky; About an hour north of Nashville Tennessee. I am a "Hobbiest" Inventor and enthusiest. I enjoy Automobile restoration, aircraft and Lighter than air, flight. I attrmpt to stimulate imagination in my children as well and attempt to instill creativity and imagination in their soul. One of my first memories as a child was my Grandfather saying, "Boy, get your hands out of my toolbox." Ha! It is my desire here to meet with like minded folks to share Ideas and inspiriation.
    Thank you for allowing me this venue.
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    Welcome aboard and I am glad that you have found a great site to further you interest in papermodeling. Be fore warned, Paper modeling is very addictive. Enjoy what the site has to offer and watch out for paper cuts, they tend to mar the finish of a model with a reddish or pinkish tint. See you around the forums.