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    :oops: I have a Loksound that I am installing into a kato. it has the 8pin connector but I am trying to wire led with resistors to work as well. This is what it says to do:

    Flashing ditch lights using the F4 function key
    Connect green wire (Aux 1) to left ditch light
    Connect purple wire (Aux 2) to right ditch light
    Connect blue wire to the common of both ditch lights
    Set the following CV's
    CV115 set to 31
    CV116 set to 47
    CV165 set to 12
    Control flashing rate by adjusting CV112. May need to add resistors if LED's are being used.
    Flashing ditch lights using the F2 function key - Horn
    Set up configuration from example one
    Set the following CV
    CV153 set to 12
    Ditch lights on with headlight. When F4 key is turn on, ditch lights alternate on and off. Ditch
    lights alternate on and off when horn is activated.
    Configure headlight and ditch lights as shown in drawing example 3.
    Set the following CV's
    CV115 set to 31
    CV116 set to 47
    CV153 set to 12
    CV154 set to 32
    CV155 set to 1
    CV156 set to 12
    CV157 set to 32
    CV158 set to 1
    CV165 set to 12
    CV166 set to 0
    CV167 set to 0
    CV168 set to 12
    CV169 set to 0
    CV170 set to 0
    Manually dim headlights using the F4 function key
    Connect the green wire (Aux 1) to the positive side of headlight
    Connect the white wire with a small diode in series to the positive side of head light
    Connect the blue wire to common side of headlight
    Set the following CV's
    CV113 set to 15
    CV115 set to 7 or less
    CV113 set to 7 or less
    CV115 set to 15
    The F4 function key now acts as a dimmer switch
    Dimming of headlight - Rule 17 for headlights
    Set the following CV's
    CV113 set to 175 headlights
    CV114 set to 191 rear lights
    When locomotive is stationary on the track headlights are dimmed and upon movement of
    locomotive, headlights goes to bright.
    NOTE: Just as an idea. I have added into my test locomotive a LokPilot for additional lighting
    functions. By setting the LokPilot to the same address as the locomotive and re-mapping the
    output function to un-used function keys, I achieved 4 additional output functions.
    If 1.5 volts LED's or lamps are being used a 750 ohm resister must be connected in series with
    the lamp.

    I am using the instructions for wiring it like it says in example 1. My question is do I hook my wires up to where the DCC plug from LokSound goes into the Kato pre wired board?

    Basicly hook up to the LokSound 8 pin connector according to wire color, make sure you do not cross any wires, then plug it into the kato dcc board. Correct?????:oops: :oops: