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    May 3, 2006
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    Hi everybody,

    I thought it would be interessting to start a thread in track planningsign1.
    The idea is to post the "rail history" of my home town and may be it is inspiring for you. Now to the facts:
    - 1 electrified 2-track main line (opened in 1854)
    - 1 highspeed 2-track main line (opened in 1990),
    - 1 branchline single track, mainly lumber and track ballast traffic
    - 1 branchline single track, steep grades on this branch made helper service necessary, it also served as a cut off for southbound traffic on the main line (abandoned),
    - 1 2 1/2 foot (750mm) narrow gauge line (abandoned),
    - 2 engine terminals (abandoned),
    - 1 loco repair facillity (abandoned).

    It's all situated in Germany, but as mentioned before, you might get a little inspiration from it. If you're interested I'll post pictures from then and now, trackplans and overviews.
    It's your decision!


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