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    Hey guys - I thought you might like to se this:

    From The New York Times:

    Leisure/Weekend Desk | December 6, 2002, Friday
    A Miniature Joy Ride on 1,000 Feet of Toy Track

    Late Edition - Final , Section E , Page 37 , Column 2
    LEAD PARAGRAPH - The New York Botanical Garden, most often associated with bucolic summer day trips, may not conjure up the spirit of Christmas, or even winter solstice. Look closer though, and you will discover that the sparkling path to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory in the Bronx leads to a cornucopia of winter cheer. At first it might seem incongruous to celebrate the holiday season amid the flora of a greenhouse -- but merriment may be the garden's most successful transplant. The spirit rises to the toot-toot of toy trains, which scoot through the greenhouse, navigating over and within a miniature city. The seasons coexist with manic joy. A 30-foot evergreen with sweeping skirts curtsies to desert fronds. Cactus flowers cavort with poinsettias.

    And this year brings even more fancy. In its 11th season the conservatory's Holiday Train Show has sprouted 17 new landmarks. Those familiar with the landscape architect and designer Paul Busse's imaginary Botanical New York will be delighted to see his urban expansion amid the coleus and poinsettia. There is currently more than a thousand feet of track -- the Gingerbread Express -- running through 6,000 square feet of a miniature New York City. And visitors can now enjoy special evening hours, which have been extended to accommodate nighttime forays.

    Large Scale Online:


    Some of you may have noticed that the Today Show did not run the video story about Paul Busse and the New York Botanical Gardens this past Thursday December 12.
    I have been told that they came back for even more filming and are going to air the piece this Monday, December 16th.

    Watch for it.

    ~~ Mikey