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    Here is a list of industries served by CDBI's Huron River Ry..
    As you look over the list notice how each industry building can be used as another industry.
    This gives me the opportunity to use several cars and waybills for one industry and none of the industries is connected to another..In other words all inbound loads or outbound loads must arrive or depart on a connecting road.
    Continental Grain.
    Lakeside Frozen Foods.
    Ohio Steel Drums.
    Huron Lumber
    River Terminal Inc.
    Oberlin Grain
    Reed's Scrap Metals
    Carrs BP Oil Distribution
    General Foods
    Carr's Warehousing & Distribution
    Agrow Fresh Produce
    SugarDale Foods.
    Rittman Steel Tubes
    86 Lumber
    Paxton Fuel & Oils
    North Star Co-op.
    Carter Lumber
    Barberton Sheet Metals
    Wilson Cement Products
    Bond home Improvement
    DFI Chemicals
    Dad's Treats Dog Food Inc
    Welby Inc.
    Nexus Distribution
    Superior Cardboards
    Patton's Warehousing.
    Saxton Scrap Iron
    Commodities haul: Gain,Food stuffs, meats, whey,sugar,corn syrup,corn starch,steel,scrap,plastic pellets,scrap rubber,lumber,roofing,cardboard stock chemicals and other Commodities..
    Total of cars handle yearly: 14,400 cars
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    Good point, there, Larry. Too often we, as modellers, try to make all of our industries inter-related, shipping from one on-line customer to the next. While there's nothing wrong with having a few of those kind of situations, having off-line shippers and consignees gives us a chance to expand our layout "beyond the basement" (or wherever else yours may be). It also allows you to have off-line cars appear in a train (How did that BNSF boxcar make it onto your UP layout if you have no connection, either modelled or imaginary, to the outside world?) Once you move beyond "just running trains", determining who is shipping what to whom can add a whole new dimension to operations.

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    I have a request...

    Would you two (Larry and Wayne) care to elaborate on this in the Operations forum?
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    2-8-2,I shall do it..Infact I will give the whole 9 yards from start to finish.:D
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    Now we looked at the industries on the Huron River..Let's look at C&HV's much bigger operations on the Jackson sub.
    Notice again all industry buildings can be used as other industries.Again this gives me a wider operational range for my planned locals.
    1.Pillisbury.IN:Sugar,flour,corn starch,corn sweetener OUT: Empties.

    2.Valley Produce.IN: Produce OUT: Empties

    3.Midland Foods Dist.IN: Food stuffs,paper products/plastic ware. OUT: Empties.

    4.Carters Lumber Co.IN: Lumber,roofing,Paneling,insulation.OUT: Empties.

    5.Alloy Steel Blades Corp.IN Coil steel. OUT: Empties.

    6.Roberts Distribution. IN:Beer,wine whiskey Tobacco products. OUT Empties.

    7.Country Boy Co-op. IN Empties/John Deere Implements OUT Grain/Empties..

    8.Riverside Feeds.IN: Feed OUT Empties.

    9.Standard American Knitting Corp.IN Cloth,Dyes,tread. Out Military uniforms/Empties.

    10.Honey Creek Meats Processors IN: Meats OUT: Empties.

    CDBI/C&HV Distribution Center.
    1.Creeger Implement Co.IN: Case Farm implements. Out Empties.

    2.The Yuleman Corp.IN: Steel Beams OUT Empties.

    3.Southern Ohio Rural Electric. Electric poles,wire and transformers.OUT:Empties.

    4.Cottons Lumber Co. IN: Lumber,Roofing Insulation Paint.OUT: Empties.

    5.J.D.Gilbert Corp.IN: Rolled Paper OUT: Paper products/Empties.
    1.General Plastic Corp. IN:Resin/empties OUT: Plastic pellets/Empties.

    2.Wellston Scrap Iron. IN: Empties OUT: Scrap.

    3.76 Lumber IN:Lumber,Roofing OUT:Empties.

    4.Williams & Sons Co.Inc. IN: Scrap rubber empties.OUT: Rubber pellets/Empties.

    Coon Creek Branch.

    1.Campbells Trans-loading. IN: Empties OUT:Coal

    2.Black Hawk Load out #12 IN: Empties OUT: Coal.

    3.Cardinal Mines Tipple #28 IN: Empties OUT: Coal.


    1.American Steel Doors.IN: Coil Steel.OUT: Steel doors/Empties.

    2.Cardington Steel Corp.IN:Coke,Scrap steel OUT: Steel Drums/Empties.

    3.Landmark. IN:Empties OUT:Grain.

    4.Ideal Leather Co.IN:Hides chemicals empties OUT:process Leather empties.

    This is the last town on the J line that has rail served industries..I am still working on the Columbus to Parkersburg Industries..

    The CDBI/C&HV distribution center is a modern day short line term for freight house.I got the idea from R.J.Corman that operates such facilities..The idea behind that is to give off rail customers rail service.This seems to be working quiet well for R.J.Corman on his Western Ohio Lines at ST.Mary Ohio..I will add new customers to the distribution center as they come on line..