In search of the Mooltan

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    Hello there all, I don't think I've posted over here in the wet forum before!

    I am looking for some information, regarding a ship that has a great sentimental value in my family. The vessel is the RMS Mooltan, operated by the P&O line. My grandfather served on this ship as a first class engineer, many long years ago. I recently decided to do some research into her, but I have found precous little information to go on, and a lack of pictures in particular.

    I wonder if anyone knows of a model (long shot) or perhaps knows of some good sources that might lead me to info on her.

    This is what I have found so far;

    And her sister ship built at the same time, the Majola;

    There's some history on her on wikipedia, but not a lot.

    Anyway, if anyone knows anything about her, (or wants to design a model for me sign1) I'd love to hear from you.

    Thanks for looking all!