IMPORTANT: Drift Virus!!!

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by WeAreNinja, Jun 11, 2004.

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    I received an e-mail from a member (who shall remain nameless) of one of the three drift forums (,, and that said "Check this out". Recognizing the name as a member at all three sites, I opened the e-mail. There was nothing in it. No attachment, no nothing. I replied to the sender that there was nothing there.

    The next day, Evilevo sent me a pm asking me why I infected his computer with a virus. I have never sent Evilevo an e-mail, but he claimed it came from my e-mail address and the subject line said "Check this out".

    I then pm'd the person that sent the e-mail to me to ask about it, and he responded he never sent me anything, just like I never sent Evilevo anything...

    I believe there is a virus floating around that involves these three forums. I only use the e-mail address in question at ONE site, this one. The person who sent me the e-mail is a member there as well, and I believe Evilevo is a member here too.

    I'm no computer wiz, but I think this virus somehow using our e-mail addresses to send infected e-mails to the members of these drift forums. Don't ask me how, I don't know.

    If you get an e-mail from a name or e-mail address you recognize at any of the three main rc drift sites that says "Check this out" don't open it!!

    Also, if anyone else has rcvd this e-mail, Please post here.
  2. AE86 Drifter

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    thanks for the warning!!
  3. rcdrifter

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    Hey thanks for the heads up, if by chance it was someone from rcdrifter please pm me and let me take a look to make sure its not something I need to keep an eye out for.
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    :shock: thanks for the heads up
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    Heres how to help provent that. In your e-mail adress (say to tell someone in the fourms) put (NOSPAM) in it. IE Corey(NOSPAM) and tell the person to remove it. And yes thats my e-mail...

    But 90% of the time the way these spread is you say

    "Selling this item, contact me at (incert e-mail)."

    And computer bots (programs used to go and do their decticated job at times) go and collect those address' and do whatever. But if you put that, then it sends it to Corey(NOSPAM) not the accuall address.