I'm on a hunt to track him and you can help

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    Hi everybody I'm not sure where to post this so I will post it here I have been finding this signiture from Tex K.T. King of the tramps in my travels. It is said that he carved it at every stop he made.
    I have found it carved on the outhouse door at the Fulda Mn. depot a freight door at the Luverne Mn. depot I have seen it carved in a lavatori door in Britt Iowa in there museum and a door at the End O Line museum in Currie Mn. From the resurch I have found he traveled around about 1927 somwhere in there. There is mention of it in Oceola Iowa and Murdo SD.
    Now this is where all my Gauge friends come in if you come acrost this in your travels railfanning the States I would like you to take a picture and let us know where you find it I want to see where he all travled, you might have to look at outside doors bathroom doors water towers it could be anywhere RR museums might be a good place to find it but lets see what we all can come up with to track this mystry man acrost he U.S.

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