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    Mar 9, 2007
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    hey guys i need massive help im new to this drift thing ive never built a car i di own altho im not prowd to say this a nikko drift car 1/10(my mum brother bought me it to shut me up but it made things worse) it does drift with a bit of practice but only for a a tiny bit then it either straightens or spins. so i decided to enter the RC world and ask around a bit about cars that will do the job nicely and 1 name keeps popping up the tamiya TL01 apparently its a good one to start with but all i can find is a chassis is there any where i can get a ready built one im not lazy i dont mind putting it together but every one i find is just a chassis i would like to get it in a sort of "bundle all in one " package if ya catch my "drift"(<had to, sorry) please help oh BTW im in UK so shipping cant be to expencive lol i only have around £130 which is apparently $251 acording to
    any ways thanks in advance guys and gals