I'm new, but not to Modeling.

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    I won't even say that I started “modeling” when I did because I was actually playing and tearing up trains. My first memories of trains were my dads lionels on the ping-pong table, and my first set was a Bachmann Santa Fe (watchamacallit) you know with the bright silver finish. From there it was over, I was hooked... I had my brother’s trains to play with so I actually had a lot of trains for a 4 year old. My brother built me a little layout on the floor with the plywood and I was happy. I guess he didn’t like trains because there is no way a little kid is going to be Building logos around it, wrecking the trains, ramping the trains, running over people, etc etc.

    Railroading Fever.
    Around this time the NKP 765 and the C&O 614 were running all the time through the Gorge. Matewan was being filmed, they were running the ACE 3000 tests and of course the New River train. In 1991 they had the NRHS convention in Huntington and the 1225 caught some of the action. I can remember waking up at 6:00 am, after I couldn’t sleep, to wait for the train at 9:00-10:00(it was late sometimes).

    Also every year since I started saying Choo Choo, my mom and dad took me to Cass, Strasburg, Tweetsie, Ohio Central, and others. So needless to say my railroad kick was on from a very young age. My parents really didn’t care about trains but I don't remember not liking trains.
    Anyways, do you remember me, I’m the kid that was barely able to walk pulling my dad to the cinder car at Cass as close to the whistle as possible. That’s right because I’m the only one on earth. I didn’t cry when they blew it although it scared me every time it popped off.

    Bringing that home.
    So modeling was a way that I could bring my railroad fever to the house. My first real layout was built by me and my father in 1992, nicely built 4x8 on sawhorses. Of course he put that on legs when I grew a little bit taller. I have some pictures and I’ll post them asap. Then around 1996 we put another 4x8 on it. In 1998 I got tired of that and built on another 4 feet to the side and that’s how it rests now. 8x16 packed full of trains.

    I’ve always took my modeling serious even as a young boy, but I wasn’t genital enough and I guess I just wasn’t capable. Luckily I’ve only had a few expensive trains for Christmas – which are all in pieces now. I still have them all but they are broke. Maybe because they were old Bachmann stuff (half of that quit running so I took them apart). You know Bachmann, the gears would come loose.

    Now at 23 years old, I’ve had all the experience I need with taking trains apart and putting them back together, building houses, laying track, and doing scenery. From Bachmann and Life-like to Broadway and Peco, I’m right where I need to be, and lucky that someone let me have half the basement for 20 years.

    I’m ready for that 50X25 layout of my dreams.

    Here's some of my sites, built em' myself:

    Fire Department if you care www.ebvfd.com

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    Matthew Shawver
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    Welcome to the Gauge Matthew.