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    Mar 1, 2012
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    There is a wonderful model of the Japanese WW2 aircraft carrier Akagi (Red Castle) available from www.papermodel.jp/english. Click on the line Site in Japan. A series of pictures will appear (thumbnails). Click on the last one in the 2nd row (the Akagi's Bridge). This will open a list of Model Patterns, 22 of them as of this posting. There is also a list of Folding Instructions to correspond with each Pattern. The third column lists a set of Construction Pictures for each Pattern/Fold Instruction. I suggest that a separate folder for each series of pictures be created, labeled 'Pictures 1', 'Pictures 2', etc.This helps to avoid confusion. I check it several times a day for any new patterns, etc.
    Thank you to all the members of the Forum for the birthday greetings! I'm thankful to be another year older and still here to celebrate!
    P.S. Within each Picture Folder, I've labeled each Picture as '1-1', '1-2', etc., to correspond with the Folder and separately identify each picture.
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