IHP GP40FH-2 shell

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    International Hobby Productions ( maker of unusual commuter and traction equipment) has released its GP40FH-2 shell for a while. The GP40FH-2 is also known as "The pig" for its standard GP40 can and short hood, and its F45 cowl long hood. They are run on NJ transit as well as Metro North.

    It is a resin shell, and comes in a bag with instructions. The molded detail is very good, and here are only a few spots that i would change. The shell is based on the more modern variant (the original protoype did not have dynamic breaks), so you will need to remove these parts if you want the as-delivered version.

    The shell is not all that different in style than one you'd find in a blue box kit. This means you will have to add many details yourself, such as handrails, grab irons, MU hoses, air conditioners, horns and Signal boxes (Metro North units only). You'll also have to make your own "bug eyes" class lights, as well as the ladders at the rear sides of the long hood. You will also need to drill holes in the top to install headlights.

    When you take the shell out of the bag, you'll need to remove the flash. This can be difficult, so be sure to be careful, espescially around the side steps over the air tank detail, where the flash is particularly thick.

    You'll also need to modify a athearn GP40/50/60 or GP38 frame. the former requires you to cut the rear end of the tank off up the the forward side of the rear mount tab holes. You can also use a GP38 so that you get about the right size fuel tank, and splice it together correctly.

    It is definitely a worthwhile project to build should you get your hands on one. decals are available.

    here are some pictures of the shell